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Burzy is an emerging contemporary artist from Toronto, Canada. She completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts degree from Western University in 2016 and has committed to a full-time art practice in 2020. Burzy’s work is fuelled by her curiosity and introspection of human relationships and in particular, the awareness (or lack thereof) that can be observed from the third-party vantage point. Her work offers a commentary on inclusion, otherness and community. She captures the human interaction with each other and with the environment – relative figuratism. Her work invites the viewer to interpret the intended commonalities and stark differences of her visual narratives. Using primarily acrylic and oil paint on large-scale canvases, her technique of using many layers of paint and bold, contrasting colours work together to highlight the interconnectedness of the foreground and background. Each piece asks the viewer to explore their instinctive interpretations, question the norm and ultimately, reconsider the reality of their existence.


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